About Us



Glass Line Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in glass and aluminium door – window manufacture with installation, serving service with over 30 years full of industry experience.

Glass Line Our company is truly aware of what client needs, despite you are a residential tenant, an engineer or an architect who needs both design and safety altogether. Because of that, we have combined technology, innovation and knowledge in order to create durable glass and aluminium door – window that

“Efficiently help to protect customers from heat, noise and any leaks that may occur”

We also assuring our customers with the product that ensuring the highest safety for your residence.

Each one of Glass Line product was made from high quality material and was designed and developed by a team of experienced engineers,

which results in high quality, well-designed and unique appearance aluminium product. The product attributes of water tightness, acoustic performance and air tightness quality have been certified by an international institute.


Glass Line Your Safety, Your Happiness,
We care. We do the best.


Company Achievement

  • In 1992,

    Glass Line Co., Ltd. was founded by Mr. Supol Prasithiran and his group of engineering friends, purposed to manufacturing glass and aluminium door – window, instead of using wood that has limitations.
  • In 2001,

    The Company has increased the registered capital from 1,000,000 baht to 5,000,000 baht in order to support the large projects and also to import machine used for manufacture and installation.
  • In 2004,

    The Company has partnered with Reynaers Aluminium N.V., Belgium, in order to import aluminium door – window. Reynaers Aluminium N.V. product is renowned and trusted by engineers across the globe with its capability water tightness, acoustic performance, air tightness and energy saver as well.
  • Our Present

    Glass Line Co., Ltd. is determined to build our solid foundation while constantly serving our customers with high quality product. Now, we have the total of 100 employees who received the welfare and knowledge orientations competently.
  • Looking at the Future

    Glass Line Co., Ltd. is aiming for the best holding up “The Best Product and The Best Service” concept, which are combining and applying knowledge, experience, and technology into our product and service ensuring the best result. Moreover, we are also aiming to increase more Glass Line product and service awareness and trust from our customer, engineer, architect and project owner as well.


Developing a strong determination into a reliable standard

With our strong determination for providing our customer the best product and service, Glass Line Co., Ltd. is regularly developing product quality, service quality and corporate management certified standard by global corporations.

Certificates for Performance Test from TUV SUD PSB Singapore
Certificates for Performance Test from Faculty of Engineering, Kasetsart University, Kampaeng Saen Campus
Certificates from Kaskal Facade Testing Centre